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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keeping Busy on Anacapa!

We continue to get support from our great volunteers, including folks who are signed up on our email list ( and from our corporate partners like Citrix Online.  At least twice a month we take volunteers out to the island to help us remove non-native iceplant and to grow plants in the on-island nursery.  At this point, we are growing a large amount of two species of native grasses (barley and needlegrass).  These will be planted (along with other native species) in areas where iceplant has been removed.  If would like to volunteer on Anacapa, please follow the link above and fill out the volunteer form.  You can also ask questions about the project by sending an email to

Latest photos:

 Volunteers receive instruction on how to grow plants in the nursery on Anacapa Island

   Volunteers take grass sprigs and "pot them up" (place them in larger pots for maturing).

   Volunteer removes iceplant from around a native "gum plant."

  CIR staff and a volunteer prepare to move large bags of pulled iceplant.  The iceplant is taken so a spot on the island and allowed to dehydrate.  It essentially turns into compost at that point.

  Volunteers take in the view at "Inspiration Point"at the end of the volunteer day.

  Departing the island!

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