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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

REI Volunteers with Channel Islands Restoration on Anacapa

Employees from the new REI store in Oxnard volunteered for Channel Islands Restoration and the Park Service on Anacapa Island in March REI purchased passage on Island Packers for nearly 30 volunteers and help up plant natives and remove invasive iceplant.  The photo above shows Middle and West Anacapa Island with Santa Cruz Island in the distance.  This photo was our most popular post ever on Facebook with around 3900 views and nearly 160 "likes."

REI volunteers on the Vanguard prior to departure.

The Vanguard after dropping off passengers at East Anacapa Island.

REI volunteers carry plants and other supplies to the restoration site on Anacapa

Giant Coreopsis (Leptosyne gigantea) in bloom on Anacapa Island (with REI volunteers in the background)

Native goldfields (Lasthenia gracilis) in bloom on Anacapa (with REI volunteers in the background)

Close up of goldfields (Lasthenia gracilis)

Looking west toward West Anacapa with Santa Cruz Island in the distance

REI volunteers on a hike on Anacapa after volunteering

REI supports CIR with grant funding and volunteer help. Join them at their three-day grand opening event for their new store in Oxnard March 22-24. CIR and other environmental non-profits will have information booths, and REI will provide breakfast and great giveaways! For more information, follow this link:

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